Visual Response 3


This is a data visualization to show  the Historic NBA games and plays, ranked by YouTube views. This visualization is divided by three parts over time: 2000-2009, 1990-1999 and 1980-1989, and the most views of each part is T-mac’s 13 points in 33 seconds (Dec 9, 2004 – 27M views), Jordan’s last 3 minutes as a Bull (Jun 14, 1998 – 35M views), and The Shot (May 7, 1989 – 5.8M views). What’s my favorite in this visualization is in the histogram graph, you can click each column in it, and it will help you to jump in that video, like the picture I will put in this post.  In addition, it will make some small analysis about top-one of the each time period.

I can hardly find the disadvantage of this visualization, because this style is my favorite data visualization style. Everything is concise and useful, if I am a reader and NBA fan, what I want is to watch those incredible NBA shows, and it can quickly and simply show me those. The only thing I am a little unsatisfied is those videos are unable to be full screen.


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