Visual Response 6

As we know, nowadays, the trade war between America and China is become a serious global trade problem. The U.S. and China are now imposing tariffs on some $360 billion in two-way trade, forcing companies to re-evaluate supply chains and economists to warn of an economic drag ahead.

According to the graph, we can obviously see that the shipping both in LA Cargo and HongKong Air Cargo decreased a lot during the trade war from 2018 Feb to Sep. One important thing is the trade war between China and America does not only affect these two countries but also affect some other countries, like Singapore. 


According to the sentiment, we can see that the export sentiment in China is always decrease during the trade war (maybe because of the policy). However, one interesting thing is although at the beginning of trade war, the sentiment of America keep increasing, recently America’s export sentiment starts to decrease. 

In general, this graph is a kind of data graph, but it does not include any authoritative analysis, so this kind of graph sometimes is hard to understand.

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