Visual Response 8

Data Visualization of the U.S. Mid-term Election

Midterm Shifts Versus 2016 Elections (Source:

In this data visualization, the results of the 2018 elections have been compared to those of 2016 using scaled, angled arrows in a manner that depicts the extent of the shifts that occurred across the political divide. Using arrows to imply these changes, the length of the arrow portrays the magnitude of the change. For instance, long blue arrows indicate cases where an unlikely democrat won and vice versa. As such, the longer the arrow, the bigger the swing.

While other data visualizations of the mid-term elections have focused on depicting who won the election, this data visualization takes an especially intriguing approach. It compares the election to a previous one, indicating the dynamic nature of American politics. It shows the shift in allegiances from one end of the political continuum to the other. Therefore, by taking this approach, this visualization manages to combine different aspects of the election in the same visual image.

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