Visual Response 9

Data Visualization of  10 Things Everyone Hates:

In this data visualization, people create a new-age dating app, and the new-age dating app is pretty simple: users react (with love or hate) to thousands of topics. The result is a matchmaking service based on mutual likes and dislikes. Then they found  these things are the most universally loved and hated throughout the US. 

What’s more, they also find how the things we hate change as our ages change. For example, as soon as we become older, people will become to like eating wasabi and BLOODY MARYS. 

The last but not least, it also analyze the relationship between the things we hate change and geography difference. For instance, in New york, people mostly like brooklyn and hate Times square.

The disadvantage of it I think is the data were all collected from a dating-app, so it probably will not the true thought of people. Since people use dating-app, they mostly would think about things whether it will be attractive to opposite sex, in other words, to attract opposite sex, people will think about public opinion instead of showing what they really like or hate.

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