Visual response1


The title of this article is “We mapped out the road to gender parity in the House of Representatives”, and this article generally showed us the changes of percentage of female who work in the House. One most interesting point is when we scroll down interface, it firstly tell us how to understand this graph, for instance, it introduces the meaning of x-axis. In addition, as soon as we scroll down and down, it will tell us some special female example, like republican Jeannette Rankin was the first woman to be elected to national office. What’s more, when we stop and move our mice on the graph, we can find that it can also show us the men and women’s proportion of House in different times, from . At last, it also analyze some advantages of gender equality.

However, although, in general, this graph looks very cool and useful, when I scroll the page up and down quickly, there are also some bugs appearing and the graph will looks like a mess. 

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